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Bobby Bramble Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain

Bobby Bramble has a thirst for adventure, a taste for danger, and energy to spare. But no one in his family seems to appreciate these traits. Instead, they worry that he'll fall and crack his skull open-and one day that's exactly what happens. To make matters worse, Bobby's brain decides to take off, as if it had a mind of its own. What follows is the madcap pursuit-and recapture-of the elusive gray matter and the successful reunion of brain and brawn. A hilarious cautionary tale full of mayhem-and wordplay.

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000005: The Art Teacher's Vanishing Masterpiece

How does a valuable painting vanish from a museum wall without a trace? Can you trust a goofball kid detective to recover priceless artwork? Why does Joe Sherlock's shirt stink worse than a dirty diaper?

You're invited to ride along as everyone's favorite suburban sleuth uncovers shocking secrets that will not only echo down the halls of Baskerville Elementary School, but just might bring City Hall crashing down in a scandal of snot-blowing proportions.

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000004: The Headless Mummy

Why would someone steal a 4,000-year-old mummy's head? Is this the work of shadowy grave robbers or some weird ancient curse? Could the missing noggin be stuck in Mr. Klopper's gigantic, crumb-filled beard? Will a flaming torch be enough to battle Joe Sherlock's fear of the dark?

The man knocking at the door of 221 Baker Street has lost his head and is out of his mind with worry! A major scandal is brewing at the museum, and only Joe Sherlock can save Mr. Klopper from certain ruin. In this hushed underworld of eerie tombs, pickled kings, and water-filled surgical gloves, Joe finds his creepiest, most wrinkled-up case ever!

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, The Unabridged Audio Collection
Performed by Fred Berman

Case #000001: The Haunted Toolshed
Case #000002: The Neighborhood Stink
Case #000003: The Missing Monkey-Eye Diamond

With unspeakable phobias, a need to sleep with three night-lights, and a horrible allergy to peanut butter, Joe Sherlock is not your typical neighborhood hero. But fear not, Joe Sherlock always cracks the case... and just in time for dinner.

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000003: The Missing Monkey-Eye Diamond

Armed with only a box of Barf Blockers, a clip-on tie, and his extraordinary sleuthing skills, Joe Sherlock is in a race against time — and a very sensitive stomach. In his most baffling case to date, Baskerville's only kid detective will have his brain squeezed in the pressure cooker of a neighbor's wedding day. A missing diamond ring is the cause of much chaos and calamity just a few doors down Baker Street. Joe Sherlock is ready for the challenge... as long as nobody offers him an egg salad sandwich.

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000002: The Neighborhood Stink

The mystery is underfoot...

On a beautiful, carpetlike lawn in a gated yard sit mysterious and smelly piles of dog poop. Mrs. Fefferland puts Joe Sherlock on the case to sniff out the culprit. But even Sherlock Holmes never encountered a case as baffling or as stomach-churning as this one. Most of the evidence is right under Joe's nose, but danger is never far behind!

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000001: The Haunted Toolshed

Why are cakes vanishing into thin air? How can a mailbox disappear without a trace? When did something evil move into Mr. Asher's toolshed?

Strange and unexplained things are happening on Baker Street after dark, and Joe Sherlock must come face-to-face with the things that go bump in the night. Even though a cold tingle of terror gallops down his spine like a herd of wild gophers, Joe is determined to solve the case -- and have his bundt cake, too.

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